Aquabike Pro Fix

material: stal nierdzewna AISI 316L
size: 130 x 60 x 140 cm
weight: 22.5 kg
brochure pdf: download

Product description

The Hydrorider Aquabike Pro Fix is a unique Aqua Bike designed for Aqua Cycling, taking advantage of the many benefits of the aquatic environment.

The Hydrorider Aquabike Pro Fix features seat and of the handlebars with vertical and horizontal setting, to allow each participant can find the ideal position; the resistance is determined by a central flywheel with four fixed elements, it is constant, gradual and changes with the changing of speed: increasing the speed increases the strength and muscular effort.

For maximum results it is recommended to use aqua gym shoes and they can also be equipped on request with our pedals to use barefoot.

Hydrorider Fix Pro does not require any special maintenance, it is easy to use and adjust, it is light, stable and secure.

The bases are covered with double anti-skid protection for better floor adhesion, extendible to adapt to pool depth.

With Hydrorider Pro Fix improving muscle tone, circulation and cardiorespiratory capacity, will be like a walk!

The PRO FIX AquaBike is the perfect hybrid between our EASYLINE model and PROFESSIONAL model. Like the Professional Aquabike has adjustable handlebar and seat positioning, but has one fixed resistance like the Easy Line Aquabike.


  1. HANDLEBARS & SADDLE: Adjustable both vertically and horizontally - fore and aft. For correct body positioning and targeted work – out experience. Handlebars are also reversible for additional posture options necessary in rehabilitation.
  2. PRO FLYWHEEL: Different than the EASYLINE bike, our Professional AquaBike offers an innovative four elements pedal flywheel with pin rotation and synthetic self -lubricated bearing.
  3. BASE: covered with double anti ski rubber protection for better floor adhesion. Adjustable for pool depth and to account for any sloping. Safe on all types of pool floors including ceramic tile, mosaic, and PVC.

Aquabike Pro Fix








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