Hydrorider Aqua Treadmill Easy Line

material: stal nierdzewna AISI 316L
size: 120 x 80 x 130 cm
weight: 29,5 kg
brochure pdf: download

Product description

Light, foldable and portable the Hudrorider Easy Line Treadmill is movement on the move, buoyancy and resistance converge for aerobic fitness without joint stress. Perfect for strength and circuit training, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, it's also light and portable for on the go training.


  1. SHOCK ABSORBING PLATFORM: Innovatively developed with 308 individual rotating rolls over a flexible, shock-absorbing support platform.
  2. RESISTANCE: Active leg movements drive rolling momentum for additional strengthening and sculpting.
  3. HANDLEBARS: Vertical and horizontal handlebars allow for versatile gripping.
  4. BASE: Covered with double anti ski rubber protection for better floor adhesion. It is safe on all types of pool floors including ceramic tile, mosaic, and PVC.
  5. EASY STORAGE: Built to be light and foldable, for easy transportation and storage.

Weight: 68 lbs., 31 Kg
Length: 47 in., 120 cm Width: 31 in., 80 cm Height: 51 in., 130 cm
Weight: 77 lbs., 35 Kg
Length: 48 in., 122 cm Width: 27 in., 68 cm Height: 8 in., 20 cm

Hydrorider Aqua Treadmill Easy Line








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