Hydrorider Aqua Treadmill Professional

material: stal nierdzewna AISI 316L
size: 130 x 78 x 140 cm
weight: 36 kg
brochure pdf: download

Product description

Combining resistance and incline, the Hydrorider Professional Aqua Treadmill provides maximum lower body building without strain pressure.


  1. INCLINE ADJUSTMENT: Different than the EasyLine aquamill, the professional version provides three incline levels for improved strength training and sculpting.
  2. HANDLEBARS: The professional version is built with full length handle bars, providing optimum and grip and making this mill great for circuit training programs like 'Run and Box' and Aqua-triathlon.
  3. SHOCK-ABSORBING PLATFORM: innovatively developed with 308 individual rolls, rotating over flexible shock-absorbing support.
  4. RESISTANCE: Active leg movements drive rolling momentum for additional strengthening and sculpting.
  5. STORAGE: Compared with the Easyline version which is light and foldable, this is a more substantial piece of equipment mean for continued placement. This treadmill is great for fitness on the go or facilities that change out equipment regularly.

Weight: 79 lbs., 36 Kg
Length: 51 in., 130 cm Width: 31 in., 78 cm Height: 55 in., 140 cm
Weight: 95 lbs., 43 Kg
Length: 52.4 in., 133 cm Width: 34 in., 87 cm Height: 17 in., 43 cm

Hydrorider Aqua Treadmill Professional








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